Pay My Tax Smartphone App

Pay My Tax Smartphone App - Splash
Pay My Tax Smartphone App - Calculation Screen
Pay My Tax Smartphone App - Transaction Screen


When Tax Management New Zealand decided to build a smartphone application for their newly created Pay My Tax brand, they needed a development partner that understood both their business strategy and had a solid track record of producing successful smartphone applications. They chose Jazz IT.

The challenge was to deliver a well structured, functional and easy to use smartphone application optimised for both Android and Apple iPhone devices within a tight four week timeline.

Requested Functionality and Features

  • Calculation: Allow users to calculate future provisional tax obligations.
  • Secure Credit Card Payment: Provide a secure solution for users to pay their tax financing fee.
  • Manage Tax Financing History: Pay My Tax application users should be able to easily view and manage past tax financing requests.
  • Customer Management: Client needed a simple system for matching Pay My Tax financing requests with successful transactions.

    Jazz IT Up Philly worked closely with the Tax Management New Zealand team ensuring the project deliverables consistently met and exceeded expectations. The end result was a beautifully designed smartphone application that allows users to calculate and finance upcoming tax obligations; delivered on time.


    Developed for:

    • Apple iOS 6.1 and higher
    • Android 4.1 and higher