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The previous website was built on a proprietary platform which had limitations in that the developer could not facilitate the import of data from an aggregation provider. Jazz IT proposed using Magento as an Open Source platform and also took on the work to automate the data import from Sprint 3. Taking into consideration budget as well as design, usability and functionality of the development.

Key areas:

  • Complexity of importing a vast number of products (over 25,000) from Sprint 3 automatically updating the website on a regular basis (every second day).
  • Ensuring data integrity even though they come from a variety of suppliers in the Sprint 3 system.
  • Design a attractive site with specific consideration of displaying the product details in non standard format.
  • Ensure that the site loads quickly.
  • Well structured navigation and search.


Working closely with the owner and Sprint 3 and working through detailed project requirements, JAZZ IT’s skilled development team implemented requirements as specified.


  • Magento Ecommerce Framework
  • Automated product data import script with updates every second day
  • Jazz IT hosting services