Blunder Stop

Blunder Stop Main Screen


As mobile technologies continue to enter into almost every imaginable aspect of daily life, the results can be truly empowering. However, for some this creates a greater need for self control, particularly in moments of heightened emotions when a miscommunication can potentially result in embarrassment and misunderstanding. With individuals that need a little extra assistance with self-control in mind, the Blunder Stop team approached JAZZ IT to build an Android App that would allow users to block calls to specific contacts and prevent the use of predefined applications.

The app allows restrictions to be applied for predefined time periods ensuring or complete a CAPTCHA test to disable the restrictions.


  • Set up restrictions of your contact phone numbers for both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Block text messaging services
  • Restrict selected apps from starting up, for example Facebook, Twitter, Skype and others
  • Well thought out user interface – clean and simple
  • Set the difficulty of the Captcha test in settings