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Drew Nugent and The Midnight Society


Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society are a jazz band from the city of Philadelphia. “I will never forget the night I walked into the Ruba Club in downtown Philadelphia. It was like stepping back in time. It was the night I met Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society.”Michael Males, MyRuralRadio.com

Led by the accomplished pianist, trumpeter and singer, Drew Nugent, the band has been together for over seven years now. It has made quite a name for itself not only in Philly, but on the entire East Coast as one of the leading ensembles in the jazz vein for traditional, or HOT, jazz. This is what one could call the original jazz music. It lasted in popularity from roughly 1897- 1935 and was sadly thrown by the wayside in the wake of the swing music surge. The height of this musical phenomenon took place in the 1920s, The Jazz Age. For decades this music lie dormant, but here, almost 100 years later, Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society play these tunes as if they were written yesterday. Some even were! That’s because Drew Nugent himself, is a song writer in this style of music, and from time to time you will catch him and the boys playing one of Nugent’s own works.


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