Web Design Trends …

Web Design Trends

We are a good chunk of the way through the year already, but each year industry experts predict website trends for the year ahead, which can be very helpful. Trend predictions are useful to keep in mind and can help you stay ahead of the game.

When planning a new website it is always good to do some research and keep web design trends in mind.

You might be a small business looking to have a website designed for the first time, or a medium to large company with a current website that needs a new lease of life.
Knowing the trends of the website design industry can help make your business a success.

What are the new and big ideas in web design for 2019 and beyond?

Web Design Trends

Responsive web design

This is probably considered the number one trend for 2019. It is not just for tablets and handhelds anymore. There has been a continued explosion of new responsive products. Websites need to be able to adapt to multiple screen sizes.

Keep it simple

There has been an increase in the use of space and the size of buttons and icons. This makes it simple for your customer to use your website, but remember to keep your content as intricate and up to date as it needs to be for your industry.

Vertical scrolling

There is a vast range of mobile devices on the market and users want easy functionality. It doesn’t come much more user friendly than vertical scrolling. The really exciting thing here is the vertical scrolling of menus, headers, and buttons. Your menu will scroll down the page at the same time that you are scrolling down the page. No more hunting for the menu or the ‘buy it now’ button.


We stuck our toes in the water in 2018. Many more of us are jumping off the diving board in 2019. Videos on your website help sell your product, illustrate your content, and amuse your audience. People respond to faces and voice. We pick up on emotions and this is why video is such a successful way to reach your audience.

Website branding

Your logo and brand will undergo refinement in 2019. The emphasis will be on your website which not only reflects your brand but will explain and demonstrate your brand.

Simple animation

Movement can enhance your site while keeping it cleaner and your visitors more interested. Animation should be used carefully as it can become a distraction but it can point the user to the right page or option. When used correctly animation can make your website more user friendly. The friendlier the better as far as your customers and visitors are concerned.

Larger fonts

This is a new web design trend. Website designers are drilling down the verbiage and sharpening the branding. So there is less need to cram pages full of terminology and technical language. This lends itself to larger fonts to go with the increased space and larger buttons. This is particularly important for mobile devices. The larger fonts will make it so much easier for the user to read.

Search function

This used to be an afterthought or a throw away. Now users expect a search function so that they can get to what they want without wading through your entire website.

This is the tip of the iceberg in web design trends for 2019 and the best web designers in Auckland can help you stay ahead of the game.