Six Benefits of Email Marketing

Six Benefits of Email Marketing

Now more than ever we rely on digital communication to get messages across. One of the most utilized forms is email. How many times do you find yourself checking or making use of your email in a day?

The introduction of new technologies has radically changed the way people behave on the Internet. Checking email is one of the most consistent but often overlooked online behaviors. This behavioral trait that we have all developed demonstrates the importance of email marketing.

Email marketing these days often drowns in a sea of other digital marketing strategies like SEO, reputation management and social networking. However, a closer look at the benefits suggests that it is still one of the most effective and efficient forms of marketing.

Here are six top benefits of email marketing that will help your business thrive:

One – Removal of Geographical Barriers

Email marketing is an effective way to expand your market as your email list can reach potential customers as close to you or as far away as needs be. Likewise, your business reach can extend to multiple national and global locations without you actually going anywhere. This is pretty obvious but it pays to keep this in mind when you are looking to expand your market.

Two – Highly Cost Effective and Time Wise

Emails can reach a substantial amount of subscribers and potential consumers in less than a day. Your response time to queries from prospects is just as fast. Additionally, it is more cost efficient than using traditional marketing forms like snail mail, television, radio or newspaper. There’s no need to pay for printing or airtime. You get to use fewer resources and less money while optimising your market reach.

Three – Increase Sales Conversions

Strategic marketing tools can drive traffic to your site. However, no matter how good your products and services are, one visit to your site will not always drive conversion. In fact, it can take many visits to a website before an average consumer converts. If you have the email address of a visitor or potential customer, then you get to have a second chance, or third or even ninth to invite that person to your site. Repetition is necessary to convert to sales.

Four – Great Tool for Up Selling Products and Generating Repeat Sales

Repeat sales happen when returning customers see value in and trust your company or brand. However, to encourage repeat sales you need to invite your customers to buy your products or utilize your services. Through email marketing you can up-sell to your warm database by introducing new or complementary products and services. You can also keep in touch and offer advice and support in between selling so that your customers keep opening your emails.

Five – Best Platform for Innovation in Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is a great way of reinventing different marketing strategies in various media forms. It can be integrated with other forms to create a holistic strategy. Your digital campaigns can be interactive and can be initiated using graphics, quizzes, videos, music, games or anything that will have a strong impact on your target market. You can include opt-in and opt-out options to your marketing spiels so that you target prospects who are most interested in your products or services and who will most likely convert.

Six – Gain Valuable Ideas for Product and Service Improvement

Emails provide you with a way to gain honest feedback from your customers. They can also be a metric for knowing what your business strengths and weaknesses are, so that you have an idea of what needs to be highlighted and what needs to be improved. Email marketing is a great way to expand your business and market reach. You can keep in touch with your customers and gain valuable feedback. It pays to know your market.