Promote Business Through Blogs

Promote Business Through Blogs

A thriving business today positions itself so that their target audience not only knows about them but also engages with them. One-way to do this is through online marketing promotion via the effective use of blogs.

It goes without saying that no matter how good your product or service is you will hardly make any sales if you are the only person who knows about the quality of your product or service.

With today’s online marketing we need to tread carefully and thoughtfully. The days when consumers responded to advertising that delivered messages to mass audiences are passing us by. These methods offer short-term incentives but if you are looking for longevity then blogs are the way forward.

Treading carefully and thoughtfully means getting to know your target audience and engaging with them. Blogs are a very effective way to do this.

Readers trust blogs

According to Technorati Media & Digital Influence Report, blogs are the third most effective resource when a consumer is looking to make a purchase. Readers trust the information provided through blogs and use it to help them decide which product or service to purchase. Companies may not be spending are large proportion of their digital budget on blogs but according to the Technorati report they rank high with consumers for influence, trust and popularity.

Use your own blog to drive targeted traffic to your website. Focus on providing information to your niche and not the mass market. Write regularly about topics related to your business but make sure that the topics you pick are what your target audience is looking for. A good blog will hold quality content and bring in more readers and subscribers.

Blogging does not have to be limited to your own blog. Guest blogging and blogger outreach methods are also very effective.

Guest Blogging

Some bloggers allow guest posts on their blog. Promote your business and engage with your target audience via other blogs by providing well-written guest posts. Search “guest post + your niche” to find relevant blogs to offer your guest posts to. This is a great way to get your brand out there and get a backlink to your website.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is businesses reaching out to bloggers to create authentic content to help them promote their products and services. It’s also known as blogger relations. Through blogger outreach methods you ask bloggers to sample your products or services.

Reaching out to bloggers provides you with valuable feedback. Bloggers can then feature your products or services in their blog. You can develop a long-term partnership that increases your profits and their readership. Bloggers aren’t just writers blogging about niche topics. They are part of online communities and can influence your target audience by presenting your business’ products or services.

Find blogs within your business niche and connect with the bloggers. You can also use social media sites when searching for blogs. If you already have a blog for your business reach out to any bloggers who have been active in commenting on your blog posts.

After researching for high-ranking blogs that are in a similar niche as your business, it is time to connect with the blogger. This process usually takes time, as you need to make a sincere connection with bloggers. You can start connecting by leaving comments on their most recent posts. You can also comment on their Facebook page or in their Twitter feed to open a communication channel. Once a relationship has been established ask for their feedback about your products or services and invite them to blog about their points of view.

Keep your social media sites updated and linking into your blog. Be proactive in being social in order to reach out your target audience. This will increase traffic to your website and more blog readers means more potential sales.