Marketing through Social Media

Marketing through Social Media

The term social media is often tossed around indiscriminately. As long as it is an online platform that involves interaction or collaboration, it is called social media. It has even become a culture of its own, a bug that has infected everyone but what is social media really? And what is it for?

Social media is an Internet based platform or channel that allows and enhances sharing of all kinds of information. It is a media that relies heavily and deeply on human online interaction to access user-generated content. Social media platforms from the very definition itself are channels where people can engage with each other via online media content.

Social Media as a Marketing Platform

Social media channels have become communities within themselves. This form of content sharing has actually revolutionized the way information is shared online. It has extensively innovated the way marketing strategies are being implemented.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ and You Tube should not be just seen as opportunities for promoting specific products or services. They should become the core of your business marketing.

Most websites now have social media buttons where you can like, pin, circle or tweet. These buttons are essential to websites in order to create linkages, disseminate information, engage with target markets and generally improve web presence.

Everyday billions of individual online traffic is happening. According to Cisco, there will be 3.6 billion Internet users by 2020 and 19 billion global network connections. Just imagine how big the web market is with those numbers. It is a gold mine for those who can effectively use social media networks and tap into their segment of the web market.

Social media has become a new country or continent even and we all need to travel to this destination.

How to Promote your Business on Facebook and Twitter

There are now so many platforms and it can be tempting to try and use them all. Facebook frequently are also actively using Twitter.

According to eBizMBA Rank, Facebook and Twitter are the two top social media sites with the most unique global visitors every month. Each has 750 Million and 250 Million visitors respectively.

How do you promote your business on Facebook and Twitter? If you haven’t got them already then your website will benefit by having tweet or like buttons embedded in it.

Before you can do that you have to create accounts with these sites. If you’re already on Facebook then you will know your way around but you will need to create a Facebook page. A page for your business will separate your personal profile from your business profile. This tool can also be used as a landing page for your business. Basically the process starts by creating a business profile. Once you have created a business profile, you can customize your page. After customization, you can publish it and suggest it to Facebook friends who can suggest it to their own networks. Once your page is live you will need to keep it updated with relevant content so that you keep your followers engaged.

The same goes for Twitter. Twitter is a form of micro-blogging and is more focused when it comes to marketing because of the limited numbers of characters that you can write. Find out how to get setup and use Twitter here. The best way to maximize the power of Twitter is to make small but relevant comments to engage people. Retweeting will build bridges within your network and in short, make it worthwhile for someone to follow you.