Four Tips For Using Twitter

Six Benefits of Email Marketing

Twitter is a social media that we often use to tweet about our personal lives in snippets of 140 characters or less. However, an increasing number of businesses are realising the marketing and promotion opportunities Twitter has to offer.

According to Statistic Brain there are 554,750,000 registered and active Twitter users as of May 7, 2019 and 190 million unique website visitors every month (and those numbers are constantly growing)! That is a lot of people you could potentially engage with. Use it for business promotion and use it to share and gain knowledge.

Twitter can help you grow your business, promote your brand, increase your sales and boost your website visits. You just need to know how to deploy this powerful channel.

Begin by Listening

If you haven’t already, create your free account on Twitter. Fill out your information, add your photo or business logo and start listening using Twitter Search. This search tool will help you search for people talking about your industry, your business and keywords related to your business and your competitors’. Start by following these people and note down the information you come across so that you can use it later.

What to Tweet About

Think before you tweet for business promotion. If you are always tweeting about your business, products and/or services most people will simply tune you out and stop following you. Send some tweets that will keep your followers interested and reading your tweets. Tweet about something personal or entertaining. Share interesting and relevant stories. Offer helpful tips and advice. Help others by answering their questions via Twitter when they are related to your business. This is where Twitter Search will come in handy because you can search for words related to your business and see Tweets from people asking questions. Be aware of how many tweets you create and send a day. You need to tweet enough to engage but tweeting too often will annoy people. You will find the right balance after some practice.

Ask for opinions. Twitter is an interactive social media website and you should take advantage of that. Get people involved with your tweets. There are many experts out there ready to offer up their information and many who want to let you know how they feel. When you get people involved they will bond with you and your business.

Track Your Links

You can’t talk about how to promote your business using Twitter without talking about tracking your URLs. Hoot Suite will track your URLs so you will know which links get the most clicks from your followers. This information is so valuable. When you know which links people are clicking on the most you can perfect your Twitter marketing strategy. You can then promote your business by giving your audience exactly what they want.

Continue to Build Your Follower Base

Get more followers. Post a “follow me on Twitter” link on your website, on your email signature, on your business cards, on your blog and on any forums you post to. The more followers you have the more potential customers you could have.

Twitter is all about connecting with other people all over the world. This can help you promote your business in USA or globally. Just remember the Twitter etiquette. Tweet information that will keep your followers interested in what you have to say. Be helpful. Be entertaining. Share interesting stories that show you are human and not just a company trying to sell something. There are a wide variety of people who have experienced success on Twitter from large businesses to individuals. You follow these tips and you could be next.